Welcome to
The Preston Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Preston G&S are proud to announce that our 70th Anniversary show will be ‘The pirates of Penzance’

Who we are

Preston Gilbert & Sullivan Society is a dedicated company of singers presenting The Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas’ in the Preston area. Preston G&S is proud of its past and the journey the society has taken over the past 70 years. We take pride in the Society of today and our achievements. We are extremely grateful to the audiences and supporters for making our work possible.

Want to join us?

Thinking aout joining us? Preston Gilbert & Sullivan are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people to join their throng, So if you have always wanted to tread the boards, or perhaps working behind the scenes, then we would love to hear from you. We welcome new members – either on stage or behind the scenes. If you would like to join in or just get more information then contact: 07779 738607 We rehearse on a Tuesday night at Carey Baptist Church Preston. PR1 1DT Plenty of car parking spaces. 7.30pm till 10.00pm


We are a registered charity, seeking year by year to just balance income and expenditure and put a little into reserves against a rainy day. Our annual subscription is £60 and payment can be by instalments. We expect you to buy a score, approximate price £12, for none performing members the costs are £30 per year. For the show or you may be able to borrow a copy from a library or other source. While the Society normally provides the bulk of show costumes and some makeup, we may expect you to provide some costume items, makeup foundation, makeup brushes and similar Items yourself. You will also need to provide yourself with suitable footwear for performing.

New members and prospective members

Are you new to G&S? If you already love G&S you will find that performing with us, or helping in other ways to put shows and concerts on, is very, very rewarding – addictive even. If you know little or nothing about G&S, you will find a whole new world of wonderful melodic music, combined with great wit, humour and good natured satire. Either way we hope that you will find that we are a great bunch of very supportive friends – almost like a family in fact! If you already see yourself as a performer, G&S is an excellent way of developing your skills. If you have not thought of yourself as a performer, you will probably be very pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve with us.

  • Non performing members: The Society would particularly like to encourage non-singing members to join. For historical reasons, we have rather become a group of performers, and this tends to put a great deal of pressure on our currently rather small band of helpers for prompt, costume, make up, scenery, lighting, sound, stage management, publicity, transport, ticket and programme sales, bar staffing, making brews, etc. We would really love to see you, even if you think that singing is not for you!
  • Social Calendar and other activities.: The Society endeavours to run a programme of social events alongside the schedule of rehearsals. Preston G&S Society is one of the select set of performing companies that have made the Preston Playhouse a home and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the working of the Playhouse and developing it as a performing venue for Preston G&S and the other companies using the theatre.
  • More Information:For more information please contact: – Membership Secretary Sue 01772 454774

Stay connected and join our vibrant community. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us